One Day NY

Cops get no love.Shardy Nieves. Your Daily Juice.JB getting those shots.Waxing that crunchy ass ledgeCarlos Montenegro: AO Top AcidThe crowd watching some wild shit. Can you spot the dude posing for the camera?Jordan happy as fuck.. no idea why.WTFFFF. Dan Breuer everyone...Word. Hope you're recovering well brother.Dang.. behind the scenes and shit...The young ones like to stack bread too!Crazy Dan BradhamCool broSome cool shit is going down.. or not?Word. ODNY! We need bigger stickers... maybe this sign is just massive!Jet life? Plane life? lol..YellowGoes out to everyone in our scene.MR. Train. Hello ladies.Hmm, I need to think this one over.Word.Mike V! Looking glossy for some reason. Pause.Jedi, Jaydene Knight, or what other name he's probably changed into by now.GoonsOD in Dumbo...Zakka. Best shop ever.Happy trails friends...

Photo Blast #6: Rolling Times

These shots were taking during the ACF comp held here in NYC by Ray Mendez & Skate Life. Other shots were captured at various locations throughout NY while filming for some upcoming edits.

Appearances: Shardy Nieves, John Stephens, Jordan Baez, Carlos Montenegro, Michael Valenzuela, Jedi, Val Vera, & a bunch more.

You can view larger photos on the flickr page.


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