One Day NY

Evotek crew was awesome enough to sponsor the best trick contest at the New Year's Eve skate jam this past year by giving away $100 of their own personal money. Drink, skate, have the best time, and win a $100 just by doing what already comes natural to you? Dope. Truly a fun filled event that even I myself wasn't expecting.

There are some clips thrown in the mix just out of humor. Don't take offense, it was for the sake of fun. The following footage consists of everything that was thrown down in rather subsequent order that lead up to the finale of the BT contest.

This event was made possible by the peeps over at Skate Life productions whom is run by Ray Mendez. None of it would have been possible without their effort in getting the location and organizing such an event considering it was NYE. Be on the lookout for more Skate Life Events @:

Neil Diskin's name is spelled wrong in the edit so apologies for that.

Song: Wiz Khalifa – Phone numbers (instrumental)

ODNYE: Evotek best trick contest

View the photos here:
ODNYE: Skate Jam


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