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Evan Grimball is a boss. Anyone who thinks otherwise can E.A.D. Not only did this guy go out and film himself, he fucking killed shit in the process. This is all old footage of Evan—relatively from this past year. Some of the other hustler/filmers involved are Malik Ashby, Cesar Macay, Jordan Baez, and other folk. It's exciting to know that people are taking things into their own hands and generating great material.

Edited by David Toro.

On a side note—ODNY is still here to stay. We've been out filming with select skaters and have got a lot of material worth showing. The lack of updates is due to us being more selective in what we want to show and because things have changed in my life as well. I currently work as a full-time user interface designer for a new startup and ironically only get to skate about one day a week. Making money is always good but it's pretty damn full filling to look back and see to the extent that we go through just to include skating in our day to day lives. Those of us who are very passionate about the sport and are holding down a full-time gig or taking care of business aside from skating can relate.

That being said, hopefully it's more money, less problems but only time can tell. So far, things have shaped up and I've been blessed with upgrading my equipment and such so there is definitely a good amount of things down the pipeline for the upcoming warm weather. This includes: edits, promos, contests, and of course gear. All of the support is greatly appreciated and I'm glad we've been able to keep the people who like our content entertained. Who cares about that internet 3-5 minutes of fame that most seem to be chasing, we only do this shit because we love it. We want to keep our true followers and supporters here with us, so this will be the last edit available on most skating blogs. If you want to talk shit or drop some knowledge, we encourage you to come and do so here. No better place to give direct feedback then our site. LOL Honestly, we're open to it. Anyhow, I love going out every weekend and running into random skaters in our city. Our scene is still bumping and by no means have things died down. Peace hoes.

-David Toro

Evan Grimball: The Re-Up

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